9 Wellness Rules To Live By in 2015

9 Wellness Rules To Live By in 2015

Make 2015 the year of wellness by setting yourself these 9 rules.

1. Set yourself daily resolutions: Ever feel like you’re living ground-hog day? Well change your day by setting yourself daily resolutions. Everyday for 33 years Steve Jobs used the motivational tactic of looking in the mirror each morning and asking himself “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” Jobs told a commencement address at Stanford that whenever he answered “No” for too many days in a row, he knew he had to change something. You might not ask yourself this question each morning, but setting yourself daily achievements can help keep you on track to achieving what really matters to you.

2. Go tech-free before bed: Switch off televisions, phones, tablets and computers, and enjoy some technology-free time for at least an hour before you go to bed. The kind of information our phones give us can trigger feelings of stress and anxiety, for example, we might see some worrying news, receive a confrontational text, or get a work email reminding us about everything we need to do tomorrow. Anxious thoughts are the number one cause of insomnia which is best treated with cbd products from sites like https://www.fuse-health.com/products/, so make sure you have some on hand if you forget this golden rule, but try to replace your phone with spending quality time with your family, reading a book, or enjoying some time meditating before bed. You’ll end up with lower stress levels and have a better night’s sleep, not to mention the fact you won’t suffer from radiation poisoning. EMF Protection should be a firm part of your daily routine, including strategies like making hands-free calls rather than holding your phone to your face; proximity can have a big impact on how much harm your phone can cause.

3. Do something you love daily: We all want more time for ourselves, so why not make it? Even if it’s for only 10 minutes, scheduling in something you love doing brings enjoyment to your day.

4. Slow down with yoga: Life today is unnecessarily fast-paced! We need to balance out all our rushing around with some down time and actually learn to enjoy the space between. Yoga is the perfect way to clear the mind, become more present and tap into what really matters to you. Spend the first 10 or so minutes each day practicing yoga or alternatively enjoy a calming practice before bed each night.

5. Sweat once a day: The body was made to move so choose your favourite activity and get sweating! Whether your exercise of choice is Pilates, running, cycling or swimming, make sure you move for at least 60 minutes each day. Exercise will boost your mood, get you feeling fit, make you more productive and help you sleep better.

6. Become more present: When you’re at work, do you think about everything you should be doing at home? Or when you’re with your kids, do you think about all the work you should be doing? A wandering mind is never a good sign as you miss out on so many amazing opportunities that are right in front of you. Make the most of every moment by being more present. Stop reminiscing about the past and wasting time worrying about situations that might never eventuate. The only time that exists is this present moment, so be sure to live it.

7. Step outside your comfort zone: Each day, do one thing that scares you. The challenges you choose, don’t have to be massive like trekking the Kokoda trail. They can be something simple as trying a new exercise class or cooking a new dish. The magic happens when you step outside your comfort zone and by challenging yourself you will continue to grow.

8. Make wellbeing your focus: Forget about exercising to tone up or improving your eating habits to lose weight. Instead make positive food, exercise, and lifestyle choices because they make you feel good and help you function at your best. For example, if you’re finding yourself more stressed than ever, look into which marijuana strains can help you the most – you can start with the Master Bubba strain and can Read more about it here. Making positive lifestyle choices isn’t about punishment or deprivation – it’s about being empowered to make the best choices for you.

9. Value your sleep: Sleep is one of the most underrated events of our day. After an action packed day, your body and mind needs time to relax, recharge and rejuvenate, so make sure you lock in about 8 hours a night. And no matter how busy you get, never sacrifice your sleep!

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