Top 4 Apps For Meditation and Calming

Top 4 Apps For Meditation and Calming

Become more present with these four must have meditation apps.


You’re probably already thinking that today can’t get anymore hectic than it already is. As you race from home to office and from one meeting to the next, finding the time to slowdown just might not feel like an option. While technology is just one of the reasons to blame for our inability to disconnect, it may also be the perfect way to help us de-stress and become more present. Thanks to meditation apps you can now take the time, even if just for a few minutes, to stop, relax and breathe. Wherever you are, these four meditation apps will provide you with some much-needed downtime. Read on to discover the best one for you.

calm1. Calm
With today’s fast-paced living, few of us find the time to relax. That’s where the Calm app can help. The app offers guided meditation sessions with your choice of background and with sessions lasting from anywhere between 2 to 30 minutes, it’s easy to sneak in some mindfulness between meetings or before bed. The Calm app is available free on both iPhone and Android, however there are in-app subscription fees. For those of you without a smart phone, offers meditation breaks that range from 2-20 minutes.


headspace2. Get Some Headspace
Just like you train your body, you also need to train your mind. The app Get Some Headspace will help you regular practice meditation. Packaged as “meditation for modern living’, this app will work improve your focus and boost your mood. It’s available free on both iPhone and Android, where you can trial a 10-day daily meditation program. If you want more, you will need subscribe in order to enjoy 100s of hours of meditation. You can record you meditation sessions in the app and monitor your progress. Just like you can also visit


mindfulness3. The Mindfulness App
If you’re someone who is already familiar with meditation, then The Mindfulness App is for you. This simple app will help you fine-tune your skills and remember to practice. While the app comes with several guided meditations, there is also a set of silent meditations, where the session is timed with gentle bells to keep your mind on track. This app even allows you to personalise your meditation session and to set prompts, which pop up either randomly or at specific times, to remind you to keep focused. Purchase the app for $3.79 on iPhone or $2.49 on Android.


ICON_Buddhify4. Buddhify2
Learn how to meditate and relax a little with Buddify2. This app is designed to teach you how to be present, irrespective of where you are. While it works best in the quiet of your own home, it also has options for meditating while you’re traveling, online, taking a work break and going to sleep. Buddify2 will bring more awareness to all parts of your life. There are different meditation styles to select, which guide you through an audio and visual meditation session. This mindfulness on the go will cost you $6.49 on iPhone and $3.49 on Android.


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