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1 Teresa Cutter: The Healthy Chef - Health & The City
Teresa Cutter: The Healthy Chef

Teresa Cutter: The Healthy Chef

Teresa Cutter, a.k.a The Healthy Chef, chats to editor Caitlin Reid about her new cookbook The Healthy Chef – Purely Delicious.

Celebrity chef and international bestselling author, Teresa Cutter, is best known for her delicious recipes and healthy lifestyle tips, which she shares with more than 5 million people annually through her website The Healthy Chef. This month, Teresa launches her new cookbook – The Healthy Chef: Purely Delicious – which contains a collection of her favourite recipes all of which follow her philosophy “keep it simple, keep it fresh and make it yourself.” Here she chats with editor Caitlin Reid about her new cookbook and reveals her top tips for healthy living.

Where did the idea for The Healthy Chef – Purely Delicious come from?
When I first started The Healthy Chef, there was the misconception that healthy food was boring and bland; it has been my personal ambition to show that this isn’t true. My philosophy “keep it simple, keep it fresh, make it your self” is throughout the pages of Purely Delicious. Each one of my recipes illustrates that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated and that everyone can recreate delicious healthy food, with just a few simple steps.

What do you think the foundation of healthy living is?
Balance. There’s a sense of ‘food anxiety’ among many people who are trying their best to do the right thing. When it comes down to it, we’re all different. What works for you may not work for the next person. My best advice would be to take a step back, breathe and listen to your body.

What are your must have kitchen tools?
I love my cast irons pans! I use them everyday whether it’s a quick omelet for lunch or homemade baked beans for dinner. No kitchen should be without a good quality food processor! It has powered me through many recipes, chopping vegetables, mixing cakes or prep for whole food protein balls. If you too need help with the boring task of chopping vegetables, look online on sites like this chopper review to make a decision for yourself on whether a chopper is for you!

What are your favourite things to cook?
This could be one very long list! I am a true pastry chef at heart and I love to bake! Course to become a pastry chef are available for anyone who want to brush up on their baking skills and eventually become a professional. You never know, you could become the next Mary Berry!

I love recreating those delicious treats with ingredients that nourish the body. When I’m not baking I love quick and simple meals! For breakfast nothing beats a protein-rich smoothie like my Superfood Energy Smoothie that takes only a minute to make. It’s high in protein, fibre and antioxidants that make me feel energized. For lunch I always reach for some type of salad – my favourite is my broccoli salad with lime and roasted tamari almonds. Afternoons are busy at The Healthy Chef HQ so dinners need to be quick, light and simple. Eggs are always a go to staple or a tasty ratatouille that topped with grated Parmesan.

How do you manage to manage a successful business and a healthy lifestyle?
To be honest, it can be very difficult – It is one of the hardest things you will do in life. The trick is making time for yourself and reminding yourself every day to do so. I try and go for a daily walk, just to get away from the office and the oven to re-center and re-focus on The Healthy Chef because when it all comes down to it, your health is the most important thing. I’m excited about getting a lifecycle and Pilates machine in my office, as my work hours can be pretty crazy….!
I like to focus on 3 areas – it’s MY TRIANGLE OF SUCCESS:

1) FOOD – keep it simple and pure – focus on whole foods
2) EXERCISE – move every day and enjoy what you do. You might not have to go to the gym every day, but doing some exercise each day could make a difference in leading a healthier lifestyle. Whether it is checking out sites like Mobile Mob to find accessories for your Fitbit watch (to start doing daily walks), or going to the gym for an hour twice a week, we all have to start somewhere! For those going on a walk, make sure to change up your routes every now and then to keep the walk exciting. Try to avoid busy roads, especially at night where drivers might not see you. A lot of pedestrians have found themselves wrapped up in accidents before now, leaving them with no choice but to try and find pedestrian accident law firms in their local area. To avoid this sort of situation, those walking may want to stick to safer routes.

3) REST – Rest and Renew! Be mindful of what you do – focus on getting quality sleep and take time out for yourself!

How can more of us find the time to get into the kitchen?
KEEP IT SIMPLE – that’s my secret to cooking healthy every day! I live by the motto: Buy fresh – keep it simple – make it yourself. During the week, I don’t really want to spend hours working away in the kitchen. I want to eat healthy simple meals that I can easily whip in a flash after I come home from work. Just like a personal trainer plans an exercise routine, its important to plan your meals for the week ahead. Healthy food isn’t about complicated meals, a pan roasted broccoli with kale with a squeeze of lime served with oven-baked salmon or an omelet scented with mushrooms and spinach takes 5 minutes to make. It’s fuss free cooking to nourish you everyday.

PurelyDelicious_angle copyFor more info and healthy recipes go to

THE HEALTHY CHEF – Purely Delicious will be available in September 2015 on eStore and selected bookstores. Hard copies will retail for $69.95 AUD and e-books will retail for around $18.99 AUD.

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