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1 Put The Well In You - Health & The City
Put The Well In You

Put The Well In You

With the short and cold winter days, are you struggling on your wellness journey? Wellineux are here to help.

Have you ever started on a journey to get healthier or eat better or exercise more only to throw it all in a couple of weeks later? Maybe this scenario has happened to you more than once. Or perhaps you’re someone who jumps from one fad to another always looking for the quickest and easiest way to get results? Whether you’re the former or the latter, there’s a good chance you’re a long way off achieving the wellness goals you’re after. And you’re not alone.

We live in a world where there is so much pressure to conform to other people’s expectations and beliefs. We often find ourselves adopting the most talked-about approach to better health. Whether it’s Crossfit sessions or a juice cleanse, we think that these mainstream wellness approaches will work for all of us. Yet, it’s likely that for most of us they don’t and that’s because we are all unique. So it makes sense that to be successful on our wellness journey, we also need to make it unique. To do this, we need to really know who we are. This can be difficult to figure out, who are we actually? Well in this time of living, so many of us put our wellness to the side and live off stress and anxiety to get us through the day, this is horrendous. We need to feel safe and secure in life and it can be very hard to achieve that. There are various ways that people have tried out to help themselves in this area, one of these is looking at medical marijuana on sites such as and seeing how this can factor into their lives. Doctors should always be consulted first when embarking on any type of medical pathway, especially with something that may or may not work, check first, and thank yourself later.

This is where most of us fall short. In fact, according to Amanda McMillian co-founder of Wellineux, most of us miss this very important step when commencing on our wellness quest. “The first step is to get to know yourself. It sounds so basic yet it is one thing that many of us speed past or lose touch within the busyness of life.” There are companies out there who can help with your wellness and getting you onto the right path, organizations such as avaana can help people who are in need of various levels of wellbeing from the mental to the physical.

Amanda and the three other co-founders of Wellineux, Brent McMillian and Michelle and Paul McCartan, know this first hand. After trying mainstream approaches to wellness, all four were unsuccessful in their attempts at achieving better wellness.

“It wasn’t until we realized that dropping the pressure and truly working out what our body, mind, and souls really needed, that we could feel a greater sense of health and happiness. We then understood that this had to be based on a strong foundation of getting to know ourselves first,” explains Amanda.

Wellness is so much more than nutrition and exercise. The ‘Wellness Wheel’ consists of Spiritual, Social, Environmental, Occupational, Physical and Emotional. Some things, like the products on, can help with more than one section of the wheel. Other things only focus on one section at a time. So with that, it makes sense to look at what your values are and what you as an individual stand for. “When we take the time and focus, to truly get to know ourselves beneath the roles we play or the external pressures we feel, we are so much more able to create change in our life that is fulfilling and long-lasting,” Amanda adds.

This is why Wellineux was established – to ignite passion in each individual to embrace who they are and intentionally choose to live their own “journey of me” to life, adopting the approach to wellness and life that works for them. Wellineux does this through beautiful books like JOM and INQ, coaching programs and group coaching circles.

But it’s not as simple as reading a book or attending a one-off coaching session – if you are looking to become someone that makes you truly happy your wellness journey must be ongoing. Just like life, your wellness journey can get tough and have ups and downs, but it’s important to not to give up. It happens to all of us and Amanda has this advice to help you stay on track.

“Try not to allow yourself to despair. Remember that you have been here before and moved through it and can do so again. Remember how to be your own best friend and talk kindly to yourself, knowing there is no right way and that we are all doing the best we can. Dig deep and increase all of the rituals which support you on your own unique journey. And never forget the power of the wonderful community around you – your inner circle.”


AK2Q1759Thanks to Wellineux, you could win the ultimate bundle to help you on your wellness journey. The prize is valued at over $600 and includes your own copy of JOM, a copy of INQ, 3 coaching sessions with the coach of your choice and a set of 14 gratitude postcards. To go in the running to win this amazing prize simply upload your favorite wellness pic to Instagram with hashtags #healthandthecity #wellineux and follow both @healthandthecityhub and @wellineux on Instagram. Entries close 5 pm Monday 7th September.

Terms and Conditions: This fantastic prize is redeemable in a 3-month period and the coaching sessions can then be accessed (once redeemed) across a 6 month period. The winner will be notified via Instagram.
Photo Credits: Ingimage (main picture) and Wellineux
CAITLIN (53 of 58)About the author
Caitlin Reid is a unique health professional with qualifications as an accredited nutritionist, accredited exercise physiologist and yoga teacher. Caitlin is passionate about all things health and wellness, and keeps up-to-date with the latest health research, which she uses when contributing expert advice to health, fitness, lifestyle and food companies. She is also the nutrition expert for the Women’s Fitness magazine, the dietitian for the South Sydney Rabbitohs and ambassador for Papaya Australia. Follow Caitlin on Instagram @caitlinareid or visit her website.

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