Mindful In May

Mindful In May

Join Health and the City and pause for a cause in May.


Can you believe we are almost half way through April? Where has the year gone? If I think back over the last three and a half months, all I can see is one big blur! Renovations combined with the juggle of work, commuting, catch-ups, commitments and a gorgeous 17 month old, makes for some pretty hectic times. But, if you were to ask me what I did last week I would struggle to be able to tell you without looking through my diary. This is something I am so unfamiliar with – my mum has always said I have the memory like an elephant. It now appears a sieve would be a better analogy! So clearly, something needs to change (we are nearly finished our renos!) and I’m sure so many of you can relate to this feeling.

Our lives today are so busy as we race through it at a hundred miles an hour. So many of us are overworked, overcommitted and overwhelmed. While we may say we don’t have time to step away and focus on our own health, today we need to do this more than ever. In a time when we are connected 24/7, we need to do the opposite and disconnect. It’s by disconnecting that we are really able to connect with ourselves and those around us.

Now more than ever I personally need to get back to my meditation practice, which managed to slip off my daily planner right around the time the renovations started (going on 7 months!). While I’ve still been regularly heading to my local yoga studio for some asana practice, meditation has been less regular. So when Mindful In May arrived in my inbox, I knew it was the perfect way to recommit to meditation.

Mindful in May is a global mindfulness campaign during the month of May with two game-changing goals: to teach participants how to find calm and clarity through ten minutes of mindfulness meditation each day, and to raise money to improve access to clean drinking water in developing countries. Mindfulness meditation has been shown to have both physical and mental benefits, while the funds that you raise will be passed onto the not-for-profit organisation Charity Water who will build greatly needed clean water wells in developing countries. Can you believe every year 4 million people die from contaminated water, sanitation and hygiene-related disease? And one in six people live without clean water. For just $30, enough clean water can be brought to one person in Ethiopia for life.

With the benefits being too good to ignore, Health and the City has signed up for this year’s Mindful in May where we will spend ten minutes each day pausing for a cause. You can support us on our pledge by donating through our page, or alternatively join us by taking part in Mindful in May and registering on their website.

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