Make Your Home More Zen in 5 Easy Steps

Make Your Home More Zen in 5 Easy Steps

Feeling stressed in your own home? Make your home more zen with these five easy steps:

1. Declutter

Ensure your house only has the essential items on display and place all unnecessary objects in cupboards out of sight. Clutter is a visual distraction that inhibits relaxation. While you don’t want to think about everything in front of you that you need to do (like put the clothes away, file papers, pay bills), in the back of your mind you know they’re there. A clutter-free house will make you productive.

If you’ve got any large pieces of furniture you don’t want to throw away but still need to get out of the house, you could do some research into finding Self Storage solutions Sydney or wherever you are. External storage providers like Holloway Storage can provide units to ensure your belongings are kept safe until you need them again.

Part of decluttering means not only organizing your things but cleaning too! Start high with shelves, tables and counter tops and work your way down to the floor. Cleaning the floors is a breeze when you use a Bissell cordless vacuum to tackle the mess.

2. Add some greenery

Plants have a calming effect, so adding greenery to your home is an excellent way to create a Zen look. Not only do plants brighten a space, they also purify the air. Make sure you select suitable indoor plants like a Peace Lily or Heartleaf Philodendron.

3. Use earthy colours

Earth colours are soft tones like grey, white and shades of beige. These colours have been found to make people feel more relaxed. You can work by selecting one dominate colour to use and then add additional colours to match in the form of carpet and fabrics.

4. Natural light

Try to allow as much natural daylight into your house as you can. Open up your curtains and enjoy the sun’s rays lighting up your home. Replace harsh fluorescent lights with warmer lights and avoid ceiling lights as much as possible, using more indirect lights such as floor or table lamps instead. Conservatories are a great solution for people looking to add value to their home while providing, a light, bright and airy place to sit, relax and feel more calm. If you’re thinking of adding a conservatory to your property, why not take a look at some of the possible choices offered by companies like Majestic Designs.

5. Put electronics away

When you aren’t using your technology, put it out of sight. Hide your television or computer behind a cabinet and keep your tablet and phone in a drawer or bag. Additionally, time without technology will leave you feeling calmer as you won’t need to be “switched on” the whole time. You might also find it useful to invest in some new furniture to increase your home storage options. For example, if your office floor is littered with paperwork and technology, you could purchase a cabinet to keep all of your essential documents, files, and gadgets safe. Nowadays, you can get office furniture online at an affordable price, so do not be afraid to shop around to find the best pieces to keep your home office tidy.

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