Kayla Itsines’ Fitness Secrets Revealed

Kayla Itsines’ Fitness Secrets Revealed

Kayla Itsines is on a fitness mission to help as many women as possible become confident in their own skin.


If you haven’t yet heard about Kayla Itsines, then it’s time you did. This 24-year-old personal trainer from Adelaide, along with her Bikini Body Guides (BBG), is taking the world by storm. She has over 3 million Instagram followers and her page is littered with inspiring pics from her BBG community and nutritious food porn to Kayla’s signature abs and her gorgeous pooches Ace and TJ. Just off the back of her first ever World Bootcamp Tour, Kayla chats about all things fitness, BBG and her career.

What inspired you to pursue a career in fitness?
During school I always had a passion for playing sports and helping people. This passion led me to study Personal Training at the Australian Institute of Fitness. It all started when I began to upload the amazing transformation pictures of the clients I was training at my own Personal Training studio in Adelaide to my Instagram page. Their motivating and relatable transformations drew the attention from girls around the world who were curious as to how my clients and I were training, and achieving these results. It was my clients that inspired me to continue to grow and learn as they were finally feeling the confidence they deserved, and nothing made me happier than seeing them be able to work towards and achieve their health and fitness goals.

Did you ever think you would come this far?
I had no idea that I would be in the position that I am in today and I feel honoured and blessed that I have been given the opportunity to educate and help women from all over the world on their healthy lifestyle journey. I believe that it’s not my success that is being celebrated through my instagram but the inspirational success of the amazing BBG girls. These girls have worked so hard and dedicated themselves to get the results they desire.

Why is your BBG so popular?
I think my program has received so much positive feedback because the results are from real women who have all achieved REAL results. It’s not about a quick fix; it’s not a fad! It’s a healthy, maintainable lifestyle change that is adaptable and REALISTIC for women of all ages, body shapes and fitness levels. My 28‐minute high intensity, plyometric, resistance-training sessions are designed to help girls achieve the results they have been seeking for so long – toned thighs, flatter stomachs and strong, slim arms, without having to spend hours a day in the gym. The biggest difference of my guides is the end goal that women worldwide are achieving. Rather than being a weight‐loss or a muscle‐gaining program, it is simply a plan for women to develop a routine and discipline themselves to keep active and healthy in order to feel the confidence they deserve.

What are your three best tips of advice for people about to begin using the BBG?
1. Consistency is key! Make small realistic changes, as you’ll be able to maintain these changes long‐term.
2. Remind yourself WHY you started. Take progress photos to see your own personal progress and be your own motivator.
3. Join the BBG online community; it’s an uplifting, encouraging and motivating place where women all around the globe are there to help and support each other.

How do you train?
I train exactly like my amazing BBG Girls – by following my guides! My training method consists of 28‐minutes of resistance-training sessions, which are only 2% of your day. This makes it very easy to fit into a busy schedule and maintain long‐term. I generally do 3‐4 of these resistance-training sessions per week and do cardio most days of the week when I walk my dogs, Ace and TJ. I also include 1 or 2 full rehabilitation sessions a week. It is so important to invest time into stretching and foam rolling to help prevent injury and reduce post‐workout muscle soreness.

What’s next for you?
The Kayla Movement World Tour in 2015 has been incredible but it’s only a small taste of what’s in store for the future! I’ve got so many exciting announcements coming over the next few weeks including new products and the translations of my guides to different languages so that girls from all over the world can have access to the educational section of my guides. In the past, women from all over the world have had access to my guides, but for me, it is so important that you understand the education section of my guide, as you need to trust the process that your body is partaking in.

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