Hottest Fitness Trends For 2015

Hottest Fitness Trends For 2015

Looking for the latest fitness craze to shake up your workout? We have the hottest fittest trends for 2015.

Sick of turning up to the same workout day in, day out? This year there will be loads of new workouts to try, you can click here if you are running out of ideas, as this is a site that aims to make fitness fun. With that in mind keep on reading to learn more about the fitness trends that people are loving at the moment. Here are the top fitness trends for 2015:

HIIT workouts: HIIT workouts, also known as High-intensity Interval Training, consist of short bursts of high intensity activity followed by short periods of rest. These workouts are generally last for a maximum of 30 minutes making them perfect for time-poor people. An aerobic HIIT workout may include 20 second sprints followed by 10 seconds of jogging for eight rounds, while a strength HIIT workout may include push-ups, burpees and battle rope waves for 20 seconds with a 10 second rest period between sets. If you are looking for equipment for your HIIT workout, like battle ropes, then you could visit TRX Training as they have a wide range on offer. HIIT workouts are best when they are a combination of aerobic and strength exercises.

Recovery plans: With HITT workouts leaving us sore and even injured, recovery or self-care plans are going to be big in the fitness scene this year. Being able to support yourself after an intense workout is very important as your muscles and body parts will need time to recover. Recovery exercises like restorative yoga and self-myofascial release (self-massage into the myofascial connective tissue to help eliminate pain and restore movement with equipment like massage balls and foam rollers) will be all the rage.

Treadmill training: First there was spin classes, now we’re flocking to treadmill classes. Yep, people are running together on treadmills doing a structured class led by a group fitness instructor. The classes allow you to be specific with incline, duration and number of reps. The first studio opened last year in New York and the fitness class is expected to take off and eventually make it’s way to Australia.

Tech training: Technology-based fitness is officially here to stay! Our tech-obsessed world has led to training apps like Nike Training and exercise trackers such as FitBits and Jawbones. This technology inspires us to get moving and coaches us along the way. These devices are great for people who don’t like gyms, because you can participate anywhere and at anytime.

Body-weight training programs: With many people wishing to avoid expensive gym memberships or personal training fees, body weight training is set to continue to grow. These workouts can be performed anywhere, anytime. Even gyms and training studios will join in this trend with open workout spaces on the way in and bulky weight machines on the way out. There will be greater suspension training options (think TRX), while traditional exercises like lunges, squats, push-ups and burpees are back and here to stay. You could also have a look at different gym franchises and how their activities will benefit you. You can learn about a ninja warrior gym franchise to get an idea of what these different gyms can offer you in terms of exercise and how they are similar to different training programs.

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