Hot New Fitness Must-Do

Hot New Fitness Must-Do

Fitness Calendar is the new craze that is shaking up the fitness scene. Check out what all the hype is about. If you enjoy getting your fitness freak on, it might be worth reading these fitness articles.

Sick of the same boring workout day in, day out? Well, Fitness Calendar is here to shake things up. Fitness Calendar is the brain-child of sisters Deborah Laurence and Abi Holman, and is your passport to a cool mix of fun and innovative fitness classes. By typing in your location, you can see hundreds of amazing fitness classes that are happening near by and schedule in a variety of workouts each week at some of the best fitness studios in Sydney. If you would prefer to work out at home, then there are places such as Physique Sports that would provide you with the opportunity to do so, but we feel that Fitness Calendar is the best way to get fit and active while having fun. Best of all, there are no membership fees. You may also be interested in trying a diet similar to this David Goggins diet along with your workout.

So where did their idea for Fitness Calendar come from? “Abi and I both love trying new things and working out at niche, boutique studios. The one-size-fit-all approach of a regular gym never really appealed. But, we found it so hard and time consuming to find studios and then search through all their timetables to find classes that fit our busy schedules,” explains Deborah.

Fitness Calendar offered them the solution to their problem. On Fitness Calendar you can quickly and easily search hundreds of boutique classes on the one site. “We also decided to offer our users exclusive deals to those studios, to make working out at boutique studios accessible to all.” While my Fitness Calendar is currently only available in Sydney, there are plans to expand the brand to other states.

With Abi having a background in Software Engineering and Deborah a background in accounting, their work life has certainly changed. “A typical day involves talking to potential clients, creating marketing campaigns, doing different classes and writing content,” reveals Deborah.

Since launching Fitness Calendar, Abi and Deborah have discovered a range of amazing workouts. “Why would anyone join a gym when there’s Rollerfit, Retrosweat, Kayak fitness, Xtend Barre (a unique type of barre pilates), Megaformer (a unique type of reformer Pialtes), yoga and Pilates outdoor overlooking the ocean, aerial yoga and that’s just to name a handful.” To become part of the fitness revolution, visit Fitness Calendar.

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