Why You Should Give Up The Booze

Why You Should Give Up The Booze

Has all the festivities got you thinking that you and alcohol should go your separate ways? If they have, here are the top 6 ways your life will improve when you give up the booze.

Festive celebrations, Christmas day drinks and New Years Eve parties – summer is the time for drinking! But with all this overindulgence, it’s easy to see why swearing off the booze for the month of January has become as much of a tradition as taking down the Christmas decorations. While staying off the booze may sound easy, when the sun is shining, friends are chatting and the barbie is cooking, the temptation of a tipple can be hard to resist, even though you know it will be beneficial to your health in the long run. That’s not to say that you can’t have a small amount here and there once January has been completed, you just need to take it in moderation. You can even take an ETG Test for Alcohol, (see here for more information) to establish whether ethyl glucuronide is in the bloodstream, as well as determining if a person has been drinking. This could be particularly important if you want to cut down your intake. There are plenty of benefits for going sober and here are the top 6 ways your life will get better when you do.

1. You’ll jump out of bed

Skipping the booze will improve your sleep quality, meaning you will wake up more refreshed. While you may think alcohol makes you sleep better, in reality, while it induces sleep it also disrupts your sleep during the second half of the night. By giving up the alcohol, you will get a better night’s sleep and wake up with more energy. More energy equals more productive days.

2. You’ll be more likely to remember the people you meet

Staying sober at functions makes it more likely that you will enjoy the company of those around you, as well as remember the interesting people you meet. You’ll have more meaningful conversations and realize you don’t need a glass of alcohol in your hand to have the confidence to step outside your comfort zone and talk to new people.

3. You could quit other unhealthy habits

Are you someone who only smokes when you drink? Or perhaps you skip your workout for a few days following a big night out? Giving up alcohol will also help you ditch these unhealthy habits, which can lead to positive improvements in your overall health and wellbeing.

4. You’ll improve your health

Excessive alcohol consumption has been shown to take a serious toll on your health with everything from the brain and heart to the liver and pancreas being affected. Alcohol can have a detrimental impact on someone’s liver, making it difficult to function and keeping the body healthy. There are sites like https://www.loveyourliver.com/ which delve deeper into liver health but it’s important to note that consuming less alcohol or none at all will be incredibly beneficial to the liver and keeping it as a functional organ. There are many people out there who may know of someone who is battling with alcohol addiction. Whether it is your dad, uncle, brother or friend, it may be worth getting them some help. To get started, you could click here to learn about sober living for men, as this could help them get off alcohol in the right way. However, surprisingly there has been little research on the impact social drinking has on health, with only one small study to date being conducted. This study found that going without alcohol for a month resulted in a weight loss of almost 1.5kg, a 16% reduction in blood glucose levels and 5% reduction in cholesterol levels. That’s a lot of gains in health for a little effort.

5. Your concentration improves

Alcohol interferes with the way the brain communicates, affecting the way it works. These disruptions can change mood and behaviour, making it harder to think clearly. By skipping the booze you will be able to concentrate better and get more done in less time.

6. You’ll get more out of your weekend

Big nights usually mean lazy days in bed or on the couch as you nurse the aftermath from the night before. When the weekends are the best part of the week that means there are a lot of missed opportunities to really accomplish things. By giving up the alcohol you’ll fit more into your weekends and start the following week feeling more relaxed.

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