Chocolate You Can Eat Guilt-Free

Chocolate You Can Eat Guilt-Free

Chocolate lovers, this is one brand of chocolate you should definitely try.


If you’re a chocolate lover and still haven’t heard about Pana Chocolate, it’s time you did. Pana Chocolate is raw, it’s organic, and it’s handmade in Melbourne. Biting into a bar might seem like pure indulgence, but you shouldn’t feel guilty. It’s made with beautiful ingredients like cacao powder, virgin coconut oil, dark agave nectar, wild carob, coconut syrup, cinnamon, Himalayan crystal salt and virgin cacao butter. Depending on your choice of flavour, you might also find 100% essential oils, goji berries, figs, nuts or maca in your bar. One bite just won’t be enough of this smooth and rich raw chocolate – you’ll end up finishing the whole bar!

Pana Chocolate is the creation of Pana Barbounis who set out to create a rich, luxurious chocolate using good quality ingredients without refined sugar and is produced using minimal heat. Pana Chocolate is also gluten free, dairy free, soy free and vegan. With sustainability a driving force behind the brand, packaging is 100% Australian made, recyclable and printed locally by Australian owned companies. The motto “Love your insides. Love the earth” is even printed on pack.

Chocolate bars are just one of the delightful offerings of Pana Chocolate. If you live in Melbourne or Sydney, you can also experience the Pana Chocolate raw dessert cafe. These two cafes are full of raw chocolates and cakes, as well as delicious take-homes or granola and a hot chocolate blend. Melbournites can also order Pana Chocolate cakes online and pick up in store. Sydneysiders, this option will be available to you in the future. For more information about Pana Chocolate visit their website (

Pana Chocolate Alexandria Store
Pana Chocolate Alexandria Store







Pana Chocolate Cafe Locations:
Melbourne: 491 Church Street, Richmond, VIC, 3121
Sydney: 21 Fountain Street, Alexandria, NSW, 2015

Images: Pana Chocolate

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