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Stay Motivated To Exercise With The Base Body Babes

Stay Motivated To Exercise With The Base Body Babes

The Base Body Babes reveal their tricks on how to fit a regular exercise routine into your lifestyle.


Fresh off breaking the Guinness World Record for the Largest Spin Class with Medibank, the Base Body Babes, sisters Diana Johnson and Felicia Oreb, share their tips on how to stay motivated to keep exercising.

What tips do you have to help people stay motivated to exercise post Medibank Largest Spin Class?
We were so excited to be involved in the Medibank Guinness World Record for the Largest Spin Class! It was phenomenal seeing people of every fitness level cycling for their fitness and most importantly, having fun! We know that staying motivated to exercise after the spin class can be difficult so try and remember that fitness and healthy living is a journey that begins with even the smallest steps. It’s a lifestyle, not something achieved overnight.

A major part of our motivation comes from each other. We workout together and help each other stay motivated and focused on our goals. We recommend exercising with other people to help motivate you and keep you going, find a gym buddy, go walking with friends or even share your progress with us on Instagram, feeling supported and encouraged always helps!

Another tip is to schedule your workouts in your diary like you would any other meeting. Even if you are feeling flat or demotivated, just turn up! You will always feel so much better after you have had a great workout.


What tips do you have to help people perform at their best in life and in training? 
You don’t have to turn your life upside down to be healthy – it’s all about how healthy living can fit into your life. Life and training are all about balance and it takes time to work out what’s best for you. To perform to your maximum, you need a mixture of hard work and relaxation; too much of one can negatively affect the other.

Set yourself small goals everyday and remember that they’re not expectations, so it’s okay to slip up once in a while. Because we work out together, we motivate each other to be our best. Surround yourself with encouraging people and keep telling yourself that you can do anything!

Photo Credit: Base Body Babes

CAITLIN (53 of 58)About the author
Caitlin Reid is a unique health professional with qualifications as an accredited nutritionist, accredited exercise physiologist and yoga teacher. Caitlin is passionate about all things health and wellness, and keeps up-to-date with the latest health research, which she uses when contributing expert advice to health, fitness, lifestyle and food companies. She is also the nutrition expert for the Women’s Fitness magazine, the dietitian for the South Sydney Rabbitohs and ambassador for Papaya Australia. Follow Caitlin on Instagram @caitlinareid or visit her website.


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