8 Filling Foods For Weight Loss

8 Filling Foods For Weight Loss

Foods that fill you up do exist and the good news is they’re some of the most readily accessible foods.


When it comes to successful weight loss, feeling satisfied after eating is a must. Foods that will keep you feeling fuller for longer are generally high n protein, fibre and/or water. To ensure your meals are keeping you satisfied make sure you include these eight filling foods in your meals and snacks.

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  1. And don’t forget the mushroom 🙂
    When meat dishes were substituted with button mushrooms over four days, the satiety of the meal was enhanced (1). The same research group then demonstrated that the appetite-suppressing effect was sustained when a daily average of one serve of mushrooms is eaten over 12 months. The mushroom eaters ate 515 kJs fewer each day compared to the control group and lost an average of 6.5 cm from around the waist (2).
    1. Cheskin LJ et al (2008). Lack of energy compensation over 4 days when white button mushrooms are substituted for beef. Appetite, 51, 50-57
    2. Poddar KH et al (2013). Positive effect of mushrooms substituted for meat on body weight, body composition, and health parameters. A 1-year randomized clinical trial. Appetite, 71, 379-387

    • The mushroom is definitely a worthy (and tasty) addition to the list! Thanks for your comments and references Glenn. I actually filled up on mushrooms last night – they are one of my favourite foods!

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