7 Reasons Why Your Body Rocks

7 Reasons Why Your Body Rocks

Your body is awesome for more reasons than your thought.


You might think that your thighs are too fat or your butt too big, and no matter how hard you workout your body just doesn’t get any better. But, it’s time to realise your body rocks just the way it is, and we have seven reasons why.

1. It’s the only one you’ve got: This amazing body that you have is the only one you get, so make sure you treat it with respect. Nourish it with delicious and nutritious foods, and keep it in condition by enjoying a range of physical activities. Treat your body well, and it will give you the same respect.

2. It can do amazing things: Think about everything your body has the ability to do. It breathes. It digests foods and absorbs nutrients. It walks, runs, swims, cycles and jumps. It sees. It heals. The list goes on! If you think about the amazing things your body can do each and every day, consciously and subconsciously, it will take your breath away.

3. It’s unique: Your body isn’t like anyone else’s; not your mother, your best friend or your sister. It is one of a kind. So, embrace what you have been given and focus on all the fantastic attributes you have. Your body has features that make it beautiful and it’s yours to keep. Nobody else will ever get to experience living in it!

4. It’s being a fantastic role model from someone else: If you’re a mum, a sister, a work colleague or a friend, you’re likely to be a role model for someone else. We know that friends can influence our own eating behaviours and how a mother views her body can influence her child’s body image. So saying positive things about your body and loving your body will rub off on other people too. 

5. It can take you anywhere you want to go: Your body can physically take you anywhere you wish to go. It can climb the highest mountain, run around your local bay, swim the English channel or take you to any country you wish to visit. Not that’s pretty awesome. 

6. Because you achieve more when you’re not wasting time worrying about your body: Channeling your energy away from negative thoughts about your body frees up your mind to achieve more. You’ll be more productive and enjoy life more when you stop being negative all the time.

7. It can change to match how you treat it: If you respect your body and look after it by living a healthy, balanced lifestyle, your body will love you for it. Disrespect it and your body will eventually turn against you. Even if you’ve already been too hard on your body, it’s never too late to change. That’s how truly amazing it is!

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